Will your synthetic turf withstand seasonal weather changes?

Synthetic turf from Challenger Industries is built to last through the changing seasons. Our synthetic sports turf and synthetic grass is durable, maintaining its original properties through hot summers and cold winters. Unlike natural grass, our artificial turf products won’t wilt, fade, or die once the weather turns bad. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about watering or fertilizing when the seasons change!



Sports facilities face special challenges when it comes to keeping turf looking lush and green year round despite the weather. Challenger is the world’s largest provider of synthetic turf for golf applications, and we’ve been an industry leader for various sports applications such as football, baseball, and indoor tracks for over 20 years. Our premium synthetic grass is designed specifically to hold up to snow, harsh sun, and changes in temperature which is why it’s trusted in so many commercial applications.


Wear and tear is a big consideration for most landscapers whether outfitting a home lawn or an indoor football arena. EnvyLawn® products are tough – far more so than traditional grass – and won’t get matted, pulled, or bare spots over time. For both residential and commercial installations, artificial turf from Challenger is a good way to ensure your investment lasts.


Another benefit of a professionally-installed artificial turf carpet is its ability to be used in all-weather environments. Unlike real grass which can become muddy, soggy, and slick, Challenger synthetic turf won’t get bogged down by excessive rain or lose traction when wet. Playability on grass fields is a major concern in many sports applications and in play areas. One misguided use of a muddy grass field can render it useless for the rest of the season…not so with artificial turf! The weather is always unpredictable; the usability of your lawn or sports mat shouldn’t be.


Finally, any weekend warrior knows the struggle of watching the weather to perfect their lawn. Who hasn’t had a fertilizer product washed away by an afternoon shower, or a sudden frost kill a new sprinkling of seed? The weather doesn’t always cooperate when you’re working hard to develop a lush cover of grass at your home or commercial space which is why Challenger Industries’ wide range of artificial turf products are the perfect compromise.


Want to find out more about how synthetic grass can help you thwart Mother Nature once and for all? Contact your local Challenger provider today!